MBAex Introducing Broker

MDP Required for Qualifying Introducing Broker

400 MDP

(Updated Afternoon 18:00 05/10/2018)

    1. Why join us as Introducing Broker?
    MBAex Introducing Broker Program is designed to offer you best-of-market rebates whilst maximizing your growth potential and profitability.
  • MBAex is your reliable trading platform for cryptocurrency-trading

  • A dedicated account manager supports your business development

  • Variety of marketing activities for your market development

  • Rewarding IB for the long term

  • Weekly technical analysis

2. Dear MBAex Customers and Potential IB-Applicants,
Please be informed that upon submitting your IB application forms, please ensure that your account has sufficient amount of MDP as shown here; and, having introduced at least 5 registered users under the applicant's referral network link. The MDP amount varies and is floated accordingly based on market volume, demand and value.

Hence all new IB applicants MUST adhere to the current MDP requirements (amount as published) upon submitting their application forms.

The submitted MDP amount will be frozen for a period of 6 months upon confirmation of IB status.

For unsuccessful IB applicants, your submitted MDPs will be released back to you one-month after freezing.

Date Time Amount
17/8/2018 14:00pm 200 MDP
15/7/2018 16:00pm 300 MDP
30/6/2018 12:00pm 500 MDP
29/6/2018 11:00am 300 MDP